Product Category     NATURAL
Bean Origin   West African Bean   Asian Bean
Physical and Chemical Characteristics:    
pH     5.0-5.9
Fat Content (%)   52 min   49 min
Fineness, (%< 75m)   99.0min. (wet method, through 200 mesh sieve)
Moisture (%)     2.0 max.
Shell Content (%)   1.75max (Shell in Nib after Winnowing)
Microbiological Characteristics:      
Total Plate Count / g     3,000 max.
Yeast / g     50 max.
Mold / g     50 max.
Enterobacteriaceae / g     Negative
Coliforms / g     Negative
E. coli / g     Negative
Salmonellae / 375g     Negative
Lipase Activity     Negative


Temperature: 15-20oC (58-68oF), RH: <60% in clean, dry, well ventilated storage, away from sunlight and free from strong odors.


24 months from date of manufacture, keeping in original packaging and under optimum storage conditions.


25kg/15kg net weight in Kraft paper carton with LDPE square bottom internal liner. Cartons will be labeled with product type, production code, net weight and shelf life.


The production code is made up of 10 (ten) digits and is compose as follows:

YY x xxx x xxx YY : Year (eg. 10 for 2010)
xx M xxx x xxx M : Month (eg. 2 for Feb; A,B,C for Oct, Nov, Dec)
xx x LLL x xxx LLL : Lot number (eg. 088)
xx x xxx P xxx P : Packaging size (eg. 9 for 25KG; A for 15KG)
xx x xxx x SSS SSS : Pallet sequence (eg. 099 for 99th pallet of Lot 088)

The product is produced from non-GMO materials, with steam sterilization and processed in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & HACCP Food Safety Control. It is edible grade and fit for human consumption.

These specifications apply to an average sample covering the goods when they leave the production plant. They are analyzed based on the methods of analysis as described in IOCCC and AOAC.